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A Visit to Granny's

by Jacqui Kilcoyne

Tram in the snow


We went on t tram to Howfen, eeh it were a treat,
Full of anticipation at folks we were abeawt to meet.

We geet off tram at Wingates, walked up Chorley Road a bit
Until we came to Grandma's. It were just across road from t Pit.

There were roses reawn t door of Granny's, awl pink and white and sunny
And Gran was stood there waiting for us, her face awl smooth and bonny.

We'd play awl day on t slagheaps till we looked like we'd been deawnt Pit.
And Granny would take one look at us and shout"Reet, that's it"

"Get me thowd tin bath deawn and put it in front o t fire."
I don't know what she scrubbed us with, but it felt like thick barbed wire.

And when she'd managed to get us clean, she'd wrap us up, awl snug,
And soon our eyelids would start to droop, and we'd faw asleep on t rug.

Then, when we'd had a little nap, we'd awl sit deawn for tea.
There'd be Rabbit Pie and Taters and home grown Garden Peas

And when our belly's were on our knees after eating so much grub,
They'd send us t' Waggon and Horses next door to get them t' fill up jugs.

All too soon we'd be on our way to catch t' tram back to town.
As it made its way oer t Snydle it bumped oer t cobbles on t ground.

And later tucked up in my bed, I'd send myself to sleep.
Dreaming of Rabbit pie and peas and Granny's again next week.