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A Jubilee Journey Back in Time

by Jack Eckersley

Just imagine, if you lived in 1952 and suddenly stepped out of Dr Who's Tardis on to the Cawdor Street of 2002, would you know where you were? Tardis means Time and Relative Dimension in Space machine but doubles as a Police Box in the children's television series.

Well, yes and no! Exploring the south side you would find all the streets you recognise still in existence, albeit with the cosmetic improvements. The north side however would be totally unrecognisable from fifty years ago.

To explain: The existing streets Victoria, Georgiana and Edward, continued over Cawdor Street to end at Lorne Street, the northern perimeter of this article. The streets extant referred to as Upper Victoria, Georgiana and Edward, whilst the houses from Cawdor Street to Lorne Street were referred to as Lower Victoria, Georgiana and Edward Streets. In the 1970s however these lower terraces, being the first to be built, were demolished and redeveloped into the maze of public and private properties we see today.

The uppermost question of the 1950s time traveller would be, ‘Where have all the shops gone?'