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My Story

by Sidney Lucius Wint

I was born in St Elizabeth, Jamaica, on the 27th of February 1925, the first of five children, two boys and three girls. My mom and dad were devout Christians. In fact, my dad, now dead, was an ordained Deacon to the Church of God in the community. I grew up in the Church, from the Sunday School to the other activities and, although I wasn't a committed Christian, I followed the rules of the Church and my parents. Most people regarded me as a Christian because of my behaviour and conduct.

At the age of seven, I attended primary school. This was a denominational school of the Church of England. I enjoyed my schooldays, my best subjects being reading, geography and history. My worst subject was mathematics. I hated it. I enjoyed sport, such as cricket, athletics and boxing. Unfortunately, I didn't take any of them seriously. I did love the company of being with my school and church mates, especially the girls.

I left school in 1940 at the age of fifteen, not going on for further studies because I failed to make the required standard. My dad was a carpenter by trade and he also kept busy in agriculture, so I worked with him for a while before leaving home. I didn't like his trade. I hated climbing on ladders to do roofing.

This pushed me into leaving for Kingston, where I joined one of my cousins until I could find employment. At first, I did part-time gardening, and then I finally got a job at a drug store as a storeroom and delivery messenger for doctor and hospital surgeries. I was also a general help in the store. Staying in this job for four years, I enjoyed the experience of learning the names of the various medical drugs and their names. People used to call me doctor, but this was mostly those who wanted a favour. You see, some people believe ghosts are following them and they need something to get rid of them. The names of things they asked for don't exist and never will. One lady dispenser, who was a Christian, used to tell them to go home read 'their Bible and repent. I used to just get rid of them sometimes by mixing sweet smelling liquids, such as khus-kus and cononga water. People used these like a perfume for perspiration smells, but the ones who wanted to get rid of the ghosts told me the mixture did the trick, they always thanked me and bought me presents. After I left, some of them still came asking "where is Doc?". They were disapointed at not seeing me. 'One fool makes many'.

I started working in a bakery after leaving the drug store.. , During the ten years I worked there, I went from the production room, to the sales room and on to delivery salesman, until I was made redundant in 1958. It was then I decided to emigrate to England, through the influence of family and friends.

My first job in England was with an engineering firm, building bridges and roads. It didn't last long. I didn't like it out in the cold all day, I soon became ill and packed it in. My next job was with the Bolton Transport as a bus conductor. I worked for, this firm for ten years before I quit to go into engineering. I did, this until I got made redundant in 1980. Since then I've tried to find another job, but unluckily I haven't succeeded.

I am the father of six sons and one stepson. Unfortunately, my wife and myself got divorced in 1979. I am still a single person. Since July 1980, I have given my life to The Lord and become a committed Christian with the New Testament Church Of God, Bolton.

I am Happy and free to do what the Lord would have me to do. I have no regrets. It's not a bed of roses to keep faithful and true to the Lords will, but he is able to keep me to the up most. I am recommending him to all who need Him. I thank God for my Pastor and workers together in Christ.