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My Life Put To Poem

by Margaret Sowerbutts

Once upon a golden mile
Mum met Dad with a smile,
doing what they thought was right
they got married in the night

Came our June
who's such a prude,
next it's Thomas
too darn rude

Carol who likes
second hand stuff,
came our Maggie
too darn rough

Margaret always
on the go,
came our Raymond
much too slow

Kathleen who
is so serene,
head in the clouds
and lives in a dream

Christine's next
old money bags,
loves the mill
and likes her fags

Meanwhile Marleen
who's the last,
happened has a mishap
in the past

See now you know
about us all,
didn't Mum and Dad
have quite a ball?

Our lives began
in a little shack,
old street lamps
and a dirty back

At our house
we had no bath,
so to stand there shivering
was no laugh

One kitchen sink
we did possess,
nothing more
nothing less

We had to cope
the best we could,
even playing
in the mud

Kids today
don't know they're born,
all they do
is seem to moan

Toilet roll
we couldn't afford,
so newspaper
hung from a board

We were poor
what the heck,
but our lives
didn't wreck

Survival of the fittest
was the game,
it taught us wisdom
and showed us fame

I wouldn't have changed it
not at all,
through this I've succeeded
all my goal

Because we got through
without a mark,
I've returned to London
to Manor Park

The friends I've met
along the way,
you're popular
I hear them say

The life I've led
the rich don't know,
I've enough knowledge
to become a queen

I am a queen
in my own right,
my name should be
in diamonds and lights

But all I want is
to serve my time,
looking after the sufferers
and victims.... and this isn't a rhyme

Please help me
each one and all,
and I shall thank you
from the bottom of my soul

And we can live happy
and at peace,
destruction and war
will forever cease

© Margaret Sowerbutts 2005

Margaret's childhood was spent in Blackburn, where she grew up in the 1950's. Margaret's family comes from Bolton but she was born in Bolton Road, Blackburn, opposite Ewood Park, the home of Blackburn Rovers. Margaret moved to Highercroft, Cleveleys Road, when she was about nine years old, and then to Alker Street, Audley Range. She gets on with all kinds of people but particularly younger people. She has lived in various areas of Blackburn but returned to live in Bolton in 2003 to be close to her family.


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