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Footsteps in Time - The Pocket

We have seen many changes in the town centre in recent years, but little is known about the outskirts, such as a district known as the Pocket. It was made up of shops and houses coming up from the Croal River where children were born and raised in poverty. But still they were happy with dirty faces as well as clean ones. People did not have hot water for baths, unless it was heated on the fire or iron boiler in the kitchen which had to have coal in a small fire underneath.

The houses mostly consisted of a front room a back kitchen and two bedrooms. But people were friendly and helped each other in times of trouble and sickness. The doors to these houses were never locked because there was no fear of burglars or rape. They had parties in the streets and dancing, with a piano brought from one house and different instruments from other houses. The kids sat on the side sets and sang.

Happy times.

This district today has high rise flats, bungalows, flats and modern houses, also the Lillian Hamer home for the elderly. The old Jolly Waggoner has also been changed into a more modern pub, which is more to the needs of the people of today.