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My Early Memories

By Icylin Mairs

Coming from a bright and sunny country like Jamaica, it was disappointing to see what England was like. All the houses looked dim and grey, it was very cold.

My first experience of snow was one morning when I got up to go to work; I went outside and the whole place was WHITE, So I went back in and said to my husband 'the whole place is WHITE.

He said 'it's SNOW'. I asked him 'can one walk on it?' He said yes. That was the first time in my life I had ever seen snow.

When I was in Jamaica I used to think that the street the Queen lived on was paved with gold. Little did I know it was cobbled.

I found out in 1972 when my eldest daughter was a trainee nurse. She did the Duke of Edinburgh Award. The silver and bronze were presented to her at Bolton Town Hall, but she had to go to Buckingham Palace for the Gold. My husband and I got an invitation to go with her to the Palace. One of my precious moments was when I went to the Palace, shook hands with the Duke and talked to him.

He is ever so charming.