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Joseph McFarlane MM

Military Medal Awarded to Farnworth Soldier

News has been received this week from Trooper Joseph McFarlane (whose wife and year old baby son live at 29 Gerrard Street, Kearsley, and parents live at 55 Bridgewater Street, Farnworth), that he has been awarded the Military Medal for his part in the destruction of enemy vehicles and capture of prisoners last February.

Trooper McFarlane, an old boy of St Gregory's School, was called up with the Militia in July 1939 and he served with the B.E.F. in France, being among the survivors at Dunkirk. Fifteen months ago he was drafted to the Middle East with a unit of the Eighth Army and has taken part in the successful campaign which followed the turning back of the Axis forces at El Alamein. From the letter which he has sent to his wife it appears that the action which gained Trooper McFarlane. the M.M. was fought in Tunisia. The tank, of which he formed part of the crew as gunner, was one of a number which went in to attack an enemy position and was the only survivor of the encasement.

While withdrawing they came upon some enemy motorized vehicles and troops, which were disposed of in, close range fighting. Prisoners were taken and within a few minutes the number had been increased by other enemy troops who gave themselves up. Trooper, McFarlane worked at the Sandhole Pit before he was called up and he was a member of the Farnworth Cycling Club. His baby-son was born after he had gone abroad.

Military Medal awarded to:

No 3857764 Trooper Joseph McFarlane, 9th Queen's Royal Lancers, Royal Armoured Corps
(Kearsley, Nr Bolton)

Listed in London Gazette 17 August 1943