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St mark's SchoolSt Marks C of E School

by David Dixon

1861 Lever Street Holy Trinity National School opened its doors on the 9th August, the cost to build and fit the school was £3255 and for the first year it was given a grant of £162.

1867 The school was renamed St Marks and with pupil numbers growing the school building was considerably enlarged in size to accommodate.

1870 St Marks and other schools attendances suffer considerably with small pox and scarlet fever being prevalent in the area.

1887 Notices are sent out for the parents of poor children to apply for school fees for the coming quarter.

1908 St Marks is hit by Mumps, Ringworm, and Diarrhoea and pupil numbers are at an all time low.

1909 Measles hits the district, Lever Bridge School and Clarendon Street both close because of the outbreak but St Marks manages to continue.

1911 A request was submitted to the Chief Constable for a police officer to be present at times of school dismissal, in order to prevent street accidents due to the number of automobiles. The Measles epidemic eventually took it's toll on the school and was closed for two weeks.

1913 The King and Queen visit Bolton and scholars from St Marks are chosen to sing before the King and Queen on the wholesale market.

1916 Staff wage increases took the Head Teacher's salary to £130 p/a, student teachers salaries increased to £50 p/a and the highest paid qualified teacher to £100 p/a.

1918 11th November 1918 Armistice the school closes the next day.

1923 26th April St Marks closed due to the marriage of Princess Mary and Prince Albert Frederick Arthur George.

1925 Plans for the re-building of the school were submitted.

1927 The school was partially rebuilt and structurally reduced in size, the pupil numbers were dwindling because many more schools were in the borough, the school visually and in size now closely resembled the original school.

1939 The school closed on the 11.09.1939 owing to the outbreak of war and only opened again when an air raid shelter was provided under the school.

1940 An attempt to set fire to the school was made this year, but was thwarted when smoke was seen coming out from the cellar the Air Raid shelter was contacted and the pile of paper that was a blaze was quickly put out.

1941 A grant was given to the school this year to buy a Marconi Wireless Set, Cost £5.

1942 Reports of rats being seen in and around the school.

1944 The final of the Morris Shield, St Marks 2 St Peter and Paul's 1 the shield remains at the school for twelve months the last time was in 1912.

1946 9th September Free milk for all from this day.

1948 On the 28th April A Telephone was installed.

1952 On the 22nd April St Marks became a primary school and all senior children were transferred to Great Lever Secondary school.

1963 Children on the roll this year is 211, HM Inspectors reported the school to be inadequate in many ways but well equipped but the radio receiving unit is unsatisfactory for it had not a tape recorder.

1965 Boys seen on the roof jump down and ran off when seen by the caretaker, slates and lead from the roof was found removed and piled into small heaps in the guttering.

1968 26th November the school was valued for sale purposes and had at the time a market value of £3.250 not including fittings.

1972 On the 11th February the school was formally closed.

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