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Astoria Palais de Danse

November 2003, and the original facade of the Astoria Palais de Danse, which opened in Bolton in November 1928, is briefly revealed in all its glory, bringing back memories of a much loved old friend to many. Situated in the town centre behind the Market Place on the corner of Bridge Street and St George's Road and presently known as the Ikon it also operated as Cinderella Rockerfellas and the Mecca Bingo and Social Club. The elegant tiled facade first disappeared behind wooden panels in the 1970's.

A popular feature at the Palais were the mill dances which were held regularly on Friday nights from 8pm to 2am - before and after the War. Most of the mills had their dances in the winter and all the main ones, Tootals, Barlow and Jones, Musgraves Spinning Mills etc. organised them. Dances were also held at the Aspin Hall and the Empress Hall, which was also known as the last chance saloon, because of its slightly older clientele! They were nights to remember, and on Saturday morning it would be up early for work as usual until noon.


The Palais de Danse
The Palais de Danse
The Palais de Danse
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