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Farnworth Market

Farnworth Market quotes by Bill Flynn and Elsie Vining

There were a lot of these wooden huts on the old "bottom market" between Brackley Street and King Street. The "top market" was all open stalls. In these there was the likes of Jack Morrison, who sold shoes; and Sadie Mae who sold black puddings, black peas and ran a snack bar as well. It was good coming out of the Palace Cinema (Bug Hut) and getting a black pudding with mustard on to walk home with.

Also on Brackley Street were two shops selling completely contrasting wares. One was a Catholic repository, selling statues, rosary beads and other things to do with the faith. The other was a "dirty book" shop.

For the kids there was 'Old Ma Harrison's' swing boats. She was a permanent feature on market days. Women could leave their kids swinging away, at threepence a go, while they did their shopping. They knew they were safe because she was great with the kids.

Every September there was the "Wakes", or Fair, which came to Brackley Street. It was in two parts. The one for the older end was on some spare ground at the Albert Road end of Market Street. While a smaller one for the youngsters was behind the old King Street Baths. So there was plenty of fun for everyone.

"My dad Cyril Howarth started selling second hand furniture on Farnworth market in 1955 to 1978 when he sold up to Asda we now sell beds in Blackpool my Mam and Dad now live in Canada. We lived in St James Street New Bury until 1965 when we moved to Bromwich Street Bolton".

Brian John Howarth

From the Farnworth Journal May 1926

The owner of the loudest voice sells most. There is a man with a cure for every disease, just one box of his tablets curing a cough you could hear at Moses Gate and getting a man back on his feet and working a full week down the pit. "By gum, he didn't know when he were well off," said a voice.

The traders from Manchester were a trifle subdued, for it was the week after the 1926 Cup Final (Bolton 1 Manchester City 0)


"These sheets are like silk, fit for a queen, and yours for ten shillings a pair". She shook her head. "Well I'll tell you what I'll do. You can have them for eight. Think of the luxury of slipping between these after bingo". No answer. "You're surely not waiting for me to ask less are you?" "No I'm waiting for our Sarah".

"Here y'are ladies and gentleman, a beautiful coat and vest, only needs a new lining, a few buttons, a bit of sewing round the cuffs and a good brushing. Scarcely been worn. The last owner wore it for Sunday best. He died on the way to church. Here's the three-penny bit he had in his pocket for the collection. I'll throw that in for seven and six".


Farnworth Market
Farnworth Market
c 1890
Farnworth Market
Farnworth Market
Farnworth Market