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The story goes that one day a Scotsman was walking through the locality and had to cross the stream that ran that way. Following heavy rain, the stream was exceptionally high. To keep his stockings dry the poor man was obliged to 'doff' them. And since the day he took off his cockers (as stockings were called across the border), the name has stuck.


Original Doffcocker Inn

Original Doffcocker Inn in 1900, shortly before being replaced by the present building

Doddcocker Inn and tram terminus

Doffcocker Inn and Tram Terminus c1905

The new hotel replaced the humbler building in about 1900. The Doffcocker was built to a design based on the calendar. It had four floors, one for each season, the ground floor having seven rooms, one for each day of the week and below this 12 cellars, one for each month. It also had 52 doors -, one for each week of the year - and 365 panes of glass - one for each day of the week.



The home of Dobson and Barlow magnate and Mayor of Bolton, Sir Benjamin Alfred Dobson and his wife, Lady Coralie Dobson. The house, which stood in its own grounds off Chorley Old Road, was demolished after the death of Lady Dobson and the estate used for housing development.