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Bolton Town Hall - Coronation day 1911Bolton Revisited - A People's History

A Living History

Bolton is rightly proud of its heritage but it is always a town's people who make it what it is, was and will be.

It is their memories, stories and photographs that bring the history of the town to life, as well as its unique and diverse cultural heritage. Personal stories, photographs and memories can so easily be lost and forgotten.

In these pages you will find a small but fascinating record of the personal and communal histories of the people of Bolton - a celebration of their different backgrounds and experiences - in good times and bad.

Our Story

Bolton Revisited began as part of a small project run by Jackie Taylor and The Bolton Information Network / ICT Bolton to encourage Bolton people to develop their IT skills. It quickly became obvious that one of the best ways to engage older residents with new technology was by getting them to record their own experiences and to research the history of their town, schools, workplaces and families.

What they produced was so good and so wide ranging that it demanded a wider audience.

The Bolton Revisited website was set up to share these memories, stories and pictures with people not only in Bolton but from all round the world.

Contributions from both inside and outside the Borough meant that the site grew to hundreds of pages over the few years it was active and generated a huge amount of interest and feedback.

Sadly, as the parent project has now ended, Bolton Revisited can no longer accept contributions or enter into correspondence.

The Bolton Revisited website will continue to be available as a static archive for as long as possible.

Our thanks and love to everyone who took part.